Living Socially

I was talking to a recent DC transplant a couple of weeks ago and when she asked me what it’s like to live in the District I replied without even thinking:

“It’s like living inside LinkedIn.”

And it is. The inevitable first question you get upon meeting someone here is: “So, what do you do?”

This question is so ubiquitous that it’s clichéd to even comment upon it’s preferred status. Professional networks are the gears that move the DC social scene. So, this fair city is the real living version of LinkedIn – also, people are most frequently seen in awkward professional wear, so there’s that too.

This realization got me thinking…what other cities do our favorite social networks match up with? Join me as we wander down a path of gross generalities and types de stereo.

New York City = Facebook

Large and crowded, everyone visits at least once.

Los Angeles = Flickr

So prettttttttttyyyyy.

Detroit = MySpace

Once booming and now empty. Always hankering for a comeback.

Seattle = Instagram

LA with hipster filters!

Nashville = Spotify

Where the music lives, except for Metallica, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.

Boston = Google+

Everyone! Stay in your circles!

San Francisco = Pinterest

Have you seen this new cool thing on the Internet?

Chicago = Twitter

So much to say, but no one pays attention for very long.

Brooklyn = Yelp!

Everyone’s a critic.

What do you think? Did I miss any? Get any totally wrong?

Austin = Foursquare (courtesy of Faye)

There are cool people everywhere if you know where to look.


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