Here’s a palace, there’s a palace

Castles, oh my!

One of these days I will have a chance to blog when it is not 1AM. Maybe.

Alright, so — flying backwards in time to Prague. Prague is amazing, it’s so adorable that even the sidewalks are mosaics of white and dark red cobble stones. We spent a day walking around the Old Town section, meandering (read: huffing and puffing) up a hill to Prague Castle, and eating wonderful food. One fun fact about Prague — they have a tendency to throw people out of windows if they’re unhappy with them. It’s happened twice. The second time, the victims were lucky, in that they lived; but they were also unlucky, in that they lived because they fell on a large pile of manure. We saw the window these unlucky religious-freedom encroachers were thrown out of — it has a nice view!

We headed out of Prague and the Czech Republic (which mom began referring to as “her people”) and drove on down to Vienna the day before yesterday. Kevin promptly got a speeding ticket on arrival. Vienna is not joking around.

While Prague looks rustic and gothic, Vienna looks grand and…shiny. There’s lots of gilt and the preferred paint colors are reminiscent of cake frosting. We toured both the Hofburg and the Schonbrunn (Hapsburg palaces) — these people had expensive tastes! We’re talking “we-don’t-eat-off-of-porcelaine-only-silver-and gold” kind of expensive. This is convenient for us, because it makes their stuff really fun to look at. Again, shiny. The Schonbrunn is the summer palace, and despite getting caught in downpour, we ended up seeing a fair bit of the amazing gardens there (thanks to a last minute decision to invade a tour trolley). We also ended up in a great little restaurant where someone informed us that if we didn’t detour up the Danube to Krems to see the hillside vineyards, castles and river views, we were the worst Americans he’d ever met. Ok, actually he was just really enthusiastic and even drew us a map.

So, on our way out of Vienna to Rothenburg, we drove up to Krems and then down through the Danube Valley. Wow. I thought I was getting used to seeing castles and/or incredible churches pop up everywhere, but seriously! Mom also spotted a Bernese Mountain Dog at a small restaurant along the way. So, you can guess what she was most excited about.

We are now in Rothenburg Ob De Tauber and tomorrow I am planning to go for a run on the wall that encloses this very medieval-ish city. If I can wake up, that is ;). More soon (and hopefully earlier in the evening!).

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