This is my bloggy thing

Everyone I know has a blog. Seriously.

They cook, they eat, they travel.
They drink, they analyze; they host parties.
They take pictures, they critique fashion, they raise children.
They analyze their travel while experimenting with cooking their kids’ favorite local recipes and making a martini with a super hipster shaker.

It’s all pretty damn amazing.

I’ve had a blog or two in my day. I always struggle with format, deadlines, and transitions…oh, and discipline. Writing these things is hard, which is why my peer group’s commitment to the medium is both inspiring and perplexing. So many of us are throwing our energy into creating an online identity for ourselves. Why?

I can’t speak for my friends, but I can tell you, oh people of the internet, what it is that brings me back to ye olde wordpress.* Let me enumerate the list with full honesty:

1) Writing is fun
2) Everyone should hear my thoughts because they are amazing
3) I need validation from the internet that my thoughts are amazing
4) I love a good conversation (or, if there are no comments, I love a soapbox)
5) I’m tired of living a half life on the internet — trying to convey my world wide web self via profile pictures, photo albums, status updates, shares, or clever 140 character phrases.**
6) Being in your 20’s can be lonely and directionless, blogs give us a creative outlet to share the energy and passion that may or may not be expressed in our professional lives

So, I will have this bloggy thing. On it I will observe, rant, ramble, and share more than I probably should with an online audience. Most of all, I will do it imperfectly, hypocritically, and with frequent bathroom breaks.

*both of my previous blogs were on blogger. Fine.
**my tweets are never clever.


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