Just under the wire Jan

Oh hey! I’m terrible at suspense/lazy at the end of the day on a Tues, so here’s the TL;DR on Jan: I just barely made my 4 recipe goal.

Between the previously mentioned time crunch and a very stubborn cold, it was a squuuuueeeeaaker.

I know all 2-3 of us are here for terrible food pics and boring recipe talk, so here’s the rundown on January’s premier recipe:

Recipe 1: Bon Appetit’s Healthy-ish Cauliflower Bolognese


After (there is a filter doing some serious work here):

This one drove home exactly how rusty I am. I had to assemble my food processor. It was touch and go.

Pro tip: Plug it in! Jokes, it was a different issue, but there’s a clue here…

To be honest, and I hope I can be, this recipe did not impress. I didn’t brown the onions as much as I should have and probably over chopped both the cauliflower and the mushrooms. I have high expectations of anything bearing the name “bolognese” and it tasted a bit bitter and like a waste of a lovely box rigatoni.

That said, after sitting in the fridge for 3 days, it improved significantly.

Cooky thing rating: 2 out of 5 cookies (3 out of 5 after fridge-aging)

deliciousness to kitchen chaos ratio: 1:3 Not ideal.


What up, internet? Anything happen since 2012? (Introducing Cooky Thing 2020)

Hey world (or, hey 5-10 people who may come across this) — I’ve been a little quiet since 2012, but I’m back with a new project.

While some may say: “Hey, you made it 8 years without talking into the internet void, why not continue that streak?”

I say: “Wow. Rude. But, this is the internet so being rude is essentially how we prove to ourselves that we’re alive. That and correcting typos. No, I don’t care that I started a sentence with ‘but.'”

I’m back with a purpose. I have a resolution for 2020 that requires some accountability; writing about it here is where that accountability shall come to pass. Yes, there are quieter ways to be accountable to a goal. I’m a millennial, however, so sharing my progress publicly is the only way to ensure I get that shiny participation trophy.

Cooky Thing 2020 is what I’m calling my resolution to cook 4 new-to-me recipes a month and share them with you fine folks (hi, Mom!).

Me, two-ish paragraphs from now.

Ok, we’re on paragraph 5 — most of you are probably gone and I don’t even blame you. TikTok is a thing now and also who has time to read blogs since Google killed Google Reader (RIP). I’ll cut to the chase:

  • What is Cooky Thing 2020?
    • Cooky Thing 2020 is what I’m calling my resolution to cook 4 new-to-me recipes a month and share them with you fine folks (hi, Mom!).
  • Why are you doing this?
    • I want to learn to cook new things. While I make a killer pasta sauce, it’s time to add new things to the ol’ repertoire.
  • Can you stop?
    • No, darn it. Just close the tab! I am not forcing you to read this.

Anyway, because I spent the past month moving from Florida to Seattle, I have to cook all four new recipes this week. So, see you soon internet people.